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The Himalayan hamlets from the fort

The Ahju Fort  complex, located in Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, features a Bharat Sancher Nagar Limited’s (BSNL) tower, two temples, and the ruins. The complex offers lovely views of (1) the Himalayan hamlets, including Bir, billing, Badehr, and Suja; (2) twin paragliding sites, Bir and Billing; (3) popular touristy places such as Baijnath and Dharamshala; (4) the Dhauladhar Range and Bara Bhangal. To watch the slideshow of the day hike, click 

Bir Billing walk

Download Travel Guide in Pdf (1,230 KB) format… Soft Adventure 1: Hike from Bir to Ahju Fort / Aiju / Ahaju Garha The fort built on the Sikander Ridge is strategically located on the border of Kangra and Mandi districts. The ridge offers a bird’s eye view of several villages, towns, and tourist places located in the districts. For example, you can spot Mohan Ghati, Baijnath, Dharamshala, Palpung Sherabling (Bhattu),