Photo Stories from Himalayas

Great Kashmir Lakes Trail Photos

A Free Gift on New Year’s Eve 2019: Read the cover story from the first commercial issue of ABHA published in March 2018.     (Note:Mouse over images to read captions.) On the first day, he abandoned the trek on account of long stony trail that did not befriend his timeworn knees and other body parts. The old trekker from Hyderabad passionately advised the trekkers who had reported at the

What can you see from Parkachik La in Kargil, Ladakh?

When I reached Parkachik around 10:30 am on September 13, 2017, the sky flaunted its crisp shiny blue dress decorated with cute harmless white clouds. But the wind was not kind. The wind showed its true colors when I started hiking on the slopes leading to the Parkachik La from Jammu Kashmir Tourist Bungalow in Parkachik village around 12 noon. The cold unkind wind checked my speed. But I continued

A Minaret of Hazratbal, Srinagar, Jammu Kashmir

Hazratbal at the banks of the Dal Lake is popular for aesthetics and its historical and religious merits. The mausoleum cum mosque, dedicated to Prophet Muhammed, is as sacred to the Kashmir Muslims as Golden Temple to the Sikhs. Hazratbal literally means a holy place or majestic place. 2016: The shrine was selected for integrated development as per the Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Drive (PRASAD) scheme. October 2005: The white

Royal Springs Golf Club in Srinagar

Have you landed in Srinagar to do a high altitude trek in the captivating Kashmir Valley? Yes! Cost Box Entry Fees Nehru Memorial Botanical Garden: ₹40 per adult Chashme Shahi: ₹20 per adult Mughal Garden Pari Mahal: ₹20 per adult First, go for an easy acclimatization walk in Srinagar because acclimatization averts ailments at the altitude. Start from one of the Dal Ghats along the Boulevard. For example, we started

Himalayan Landforms Seen from Delhi-Leh Flight

Delhi-Leh flight, a destination in itself, follows air traffic service (ATS) route W-39. The route between 77 and 78 degrees of longitude passes over 4 Indian states: Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir. While covering aerial distance of about 856 kilometres, the aeroplane flies over the plains of Delhi, green foothills of the Himalayas, snow covered peaks, glaciers, windswept valleys dotted with hamlets, lakes, dun landscape… The aeroplane

7 Points of Interests Visible from Leh Palace in Leh, Ladakh

Many travelers opine why to waste money on entry tickets of the monuments and museums. But Leh Palace is a vantage point from where you can see and make pictures of seven landmarks while you are acclimatizing in Leh. Today’s photo essay shows you these landmarks as seen from the palace.

Food at Maurya Hotel

The room in Maurya Hotel was a pleasant surprise although it had a major flaw. Actually, I did not book it. I booked Preet Hotel in Daria from Oyorooms in April, 2017. But when I reached the hotel on May 19, the receptionist told me that all the rooms were occupied. He gave a room in the neighboring hotel, Maurya. Both hotels are within a comfortable walking distance of the

Ganglas Village in Leh

Acclimatization is necessary before exploring Ladakh. But acclimatization does not mean sitting idle. Roam around in Leh (3,452 meters).  For example, you can visit Ganglas / Gangles during acclimatization period in Leh, the entry point to Ladakh. Ganglas (3,800 meters), about 12 kilometers from Leh , sits by the side of the Khardung La highway. Lateral moraines can be spotted around the village. The Ganglas Chu, a mountain brook, freezes

Should you walk the Gotsang Trail?

Hemis Monastery and its festival are very popular among the visitors. However, only a few know about the nearby walk. This short walk along the well-marked cemented path leads to Gotsang Monastery in Hemis. You can measure this path leading to a quiet pilgrimage site in Ladakh on your own. There is no need of a guide. At leisure pace, you can complete the walk in less than an hour.