Photo Stories from Himalayas

Nanda Raj Jat 2014, Chamoli, Uttarakhand, India

Falling into trance is common during Nanda Raj Jat organized by Uttarakhand. I noticed that some of these trances took an ugly turn. One of such trance is captured in the today’s photo story.   August 21, 2014. Chandpurgarhi , Chamoli (L-R)  The boy in white shirt and long red scarf (dupatta), the woman in purple sari and long red scarf, and the girl with open hairs fall into trance. Colloquially 

Bir Resort room in Bir, paragliding site in Kangra, India

We enjoyed our 5-day stay in Room No 201 at Bir Resort, a budget hotel in Bir Village, Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, India, during September 2-7, 2012. We would love to stay here again. We recommend the hotel for the following reasons: Location   The resort amid a tea garden is on the main road leading to Upper Bir. The Bir Resort is within walking distance of Chowgan Chowk, Tibetan Colony and Paragliding Landing