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Royal Springs Golf Club in Srinagar

Have you landed in Srinagar to do a high altitude trek in the captivating Kashmir Valley? Yes! Cost Box Entry Fees Nehru Memorial Botanical Garden: ₹40 per adult Chashme Shahi: ₹20 per adult Mughal Garden Pari Mahal: ₹20 per adult First, go for an easy acclimatization walk in Srinagar because acclimatization averts ailments at the altitude. Start from one of the Dal Ghats along the Boulevard. For example, we started

Should you walk the Gotsang Trail?

Hemis Monastery and its festival are very popular among the visitors. However, only a few know about the nearby walk. This short walk along the well-marked cemented path leads to Gotsang Monastery in Hemis. You can measure this path leading to a quiet pilgrimage site in Ladakh on your own. There is no need of a guide. At leisure pace, you can complete the walk in less than an hour.

Adventure Travel Blog Magazine by TO ABHA. May-June 2016. Nanda Raj jat. Homkund and Roopkund Trek.

Dear Readers, The issue contains detailed information and more than 600 images from the high altitude trek that combines physical, cultural, and religious experiences. So, you do not get bog down in lack of information and lack of preparedness. So, you can focus on action that is your first passion. You have to await next Nanda Raj Jat until 2026 or more because the historical data suggests that it has

Driving challenges in Dehradun

On August 16, 2014, it was sunny when we left Rishikesh for Nauti, the starting point of Nanda Raj Jat, in a jeep around 9:00 am. But landslides due to downpour on the previous day blocked the two routes we tried before taking the third route. It took one and a half days to complete this drive of about 200 kilometers. Here is a brief overview of the three routes

A mule man with his mules near Kaluwa Vinayak, Chamoli, Uttarakhand

Porters are part and parcel of the pilgrimage. The porterage accounts for substantial part of the total cost of Nanda Raj Jat. For example, according to the estimates, about 1,500 Nepali porters earned record revenues during the 2014 pilgrimage: INR 10,500,000 in seven days from Wan to Sutol. Local horse and mule owners also did good business: They charged INR 2,500 per animal, per day for Wan-Vedni section of the

Is Road Building Compatible with the Essence of Adventure Tourism in the Delicate Himalayas

I have heard and read several times that the neo adventure tourists clamor for roads to promote high altitude pilgrimage and adventure tourism in the Himalayas. They justify their demand in the following ways: Argument 1: Roads will increase number of adventure tourists that will generate more revenue for local and non-local travel agents and tour operators and other service providers. Pros and cons: The business community may earn more

SBI ATM in Nauti, Uttarakhand

You will neither need consent of the local government nor the season for Nanda Raj Jat. The barefoot pilgrimage happens when the local community decides considering auspicious dates. The government does not levy any fee and issue permits for venturing into the restricted areas during this rare religious, social, and cultural adventure.However, you do need cash, in fact, lots of cash to pay cooks, mules, and low and high altitude

Complimentary bread served to the participants of Nanda Raj Jaat

“Nutritious ration would reassure you.” Carbs facilitate devotional duties. Lack of food frustrates. But food costs a lot, especially at high altitude. For example, cost of 75-gram Maggi noodles went from INR 10 in plains to INR 40 in Pathar Nachauniya and INR 50 in Bhaguwasa during Nanda Raj Jaat 2014. Similarly price of tea increased from INR 10 for a small cup in Vedni to INR 15 in Pathar

Nanda Raj Jat moves to Wan.

7 Facts about Nanda Devi   Locals believe that Nanda Devi is an incarnation of Parvati or a sister of Parvati. Goddess Nanda Devi is the principal deity of both divisions of the State: Garhwal and Kumaon. Both the divisions participate in the pilgrimage. Although Nanda Devi is a goddess, a masculine title (Shri) is used for her, her temples, and the pilgrimage dedicated to her. Nickname of Nanda Devi in

Tradition of Nanda Raj Jat: A Timeline

The Garhwal and Kumaon Himalayas relived the tradition of Nanda Raj Jat just ten times during 1820-2014, six years less than two centuries. But two consecutive jats were never organized after 12 years gap, the interval mentioned in the jat folklores. Watch the complete timeline:   Help: For rich experience, watch the timeline full screen. Hit fullscreen button appearing in top right corner of the timeline.