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12 Photography Tips for Nanda Raj Jat

Take a look at some of useful photography tips for Nanda Raj Jat. A dozen tips are divided into 4 sections: equipment, weather, shooting spot, and fitness. Photography Equipment Carry enough number of fully charged camera batteries and / or the camera compatible solar charger. Charge the batteries in villages whenever possible. In most of the villages along the route, folks allow camera and mobile charging for free during the

Therefore, pilgrims had to trek about five kilometers extra to reach Lata Khopadi, the designated camping site for the day. The pilgrims trekked about 21 kilometers from Shila Samudra (3,645 meters) to Homkund (5,200 meters) to Chandniyaghat (3,635 meters) (about 16 kilometers) to Lata Khopadi on the day.

Ironically, Lata Khopadi, a small camping site, was not mentioned anywhere in the brochure.

Beware of Rumors during Nanda Raj Jat

During Nanda Raj Jat 2014, I heard a number of rumors that I would like to share with you:  About Gender of Yatris (Pilgrims) Women under fifty (50) would not be allowed to join the yatra (pilgrimage) beyond Vedni bugyal (meadow). Then, people spread the word that ladies could go only up to Pathar Nachauniya, which is after the meadow. However, a number of ladies from this age group trekked