Volume 1 Issue 1 2015

The Himalayan hamlets from the fort

The Ahju Fort  complex, located in Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, features a Bharat Sancher Nagar Limited’s (BSNL) tower, two temples, and the ruins. The complex offers lovely views of (1) the Himalayan hamlets, including Bir, billing, Badehr, and Suja; (2) twin paragliding sites, Bir and Billing; (3) popular touristy places such as Baijnath and Dharamshala; (4) the Dhauladhar Range and Bara Bhangal. To watch the slideshow of the day hike, click 

Bir and Billing in Autumn: A Guide for Adventure Travel Activities in Himachal Pradesh, India

Download Travel Guide (PDF 1,230 KB) format… Bir neither has major banks nor any automated teller machines (ATM) for instant cash. However, Kangra Co-operative Bank has a branch in Upper Bir and Tibetan Colony, Lower Bir. A branch of HP Gramin Bank (P.N.B.) is in Upper Bir. Punjab National Bank (P.N.B.) and State Bank of India (S.B.I.) have one automated teller machine (ATM) each on national highway (NH) 21 between

Bir and Billing in Autumn: A Guide for Adventure Travel Activities in Himachal Pradesh, India

Download Travel Guide in Pdf (1,230 KB) format… The famous twin paragliding destinations Bir and Billing are not for foodies. However, getting three meals is not difficult. The food is affordable. Bir does not offer as many food options as other frequented touristy places do. Bir features a few vegetarian and non-vegetarian dhabas, Indian sweet shops, and self-service eateries. Modern restaurants serving Chinese, Continental and Indian dishes are in Namlang

Where to Stay in Bir –Billing

Download the full guide (PDF, 1.35 MB)… You can count the Bir hotels and resorts on the fingers of one hand. Luxury hotels are altogether missing from the popular paragliding site. However, the small village has more than twenty-five guest houses, home stays, and / or paying guest accommodations with limited number of rooms (3-15). The price varies from INR 50 per bed in a dormitory to INR 3,000 per

Getting around Bir, Billing, and Neighboring Villages

Download Travel Guide in Pdf (1,230 KB) format… On Foot Walking is the best option to explore Bir and the neighborhood. Most of the attractions mentioned in the guide can be accessed on foot. You can walk along the roads or take shorter trails. Do remember, if planning to walk the trail, you may need a guide unless you are familiar with the area or an expert map reader. Within

How To Reach

Download the full report (PDF, 1.35 MB)… How to reach  There are no direct buses, flights, and trains to Bir and Billing from any part of India. Reaching Bir involves at least one stopover at Gaggal, Baijnath, Dharamshala, Palampur, or Joginder Nagar. Direct buses ply between Delhi, the capital of India and these stopovers, from where taxis and public and private buses start for Bir. Facilities at the bus stands

Bir Billing walk

Download Travel Guide in Pdf (1,230 KB) format… Soft Adventure 1: Hike from Bir to Ahju Fort / Aiju / Ahaju Garha The fort built on the Sikander Ridge is strategically located on the border of Kangra and Mandi districts. The ridge offers a bird’s eye view of several villages, towns, and tourist places located in the districts. For example, you can spot Mohan Ghati, Baijnath, Dharamshala, Palpung Sherabling (Bhattu),

Deer Park Institute, Tea Factory, Shopping

Download Travel Guide in Pdf (1,230 KB) format… Siddhartha’s Intent Society set up Deer Park Institute: A Center for Study of Classical Indian Wisdom Traditions in the campus of Dzongsar Institute, an old Buddhist college, to promote classical Indian arts, sciences, and philosophy. Another primary aim is to revive education system of famous ancient Indian university of Nalanda that was a hub of Buddhism. Deer Park comprises Buddha, Tara, and

Nima / Rajmahal (?): a Private Tibetan Residential Building

Download Travel Guide in Pdf (1,230 KB) format… A few steps away from Chaugan Chowk, the Tibetan-style residential complex is like a mini fortress featuring buildings in lovely orange and white color. We are not sure about the name of the building. We asked the locals. Some of them told us that it was called Nima, others told that it was known as Rajmahal, and some named it as Shaolin.

Drikung Kagyu Bhumang Jampaling Monastery

Download Travel Guide in Pdf (1,230 KB) format… About 45-minute walk from Chaugan Chowk in Lower Bir, the monastery in Chauntra, Mandi represents the Drikung Kagyu Lineage of Buddhism. The monastery complex houses a gompa, mess, guest house, monk accommodations, and roomy open spaces. Gompa The corners of the golden pagoda style-roof are adorned with the heads of makaras. The flat roof of the gompa features the traditional wheel and