Volume 2 Issue 2 2016

Restrictions on homestay owners in Uttarakhand

The Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay) Rule 7 (2015) has been replaced with Rule 6 (2016). The Rule 6 (2016) has ten sub-rules whereas the Rule 7 (2015) had eleven sub-rules. These rules enumerate various restrictions on the homestay owners in Uttarakhand. Let’s compare the old and new rules: * Remember, the role of the homestay owner does not end after homestay registration. The responsibilities of the owner in fact

Uttarakhand revises homestay registration TACs

Uttarakhand revised homestay registration terms and conditions (TACs). The Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay) Rule 6 (2015) has been swapped with Rule 5 (2016). The Rule 6 had six sub rules whereas the Rule 5 has one less sub rule. Rule 6 (2015): Process and Terms and Conditions for Registration and Classification / Reclassification. Rule 5 (2016): Registration Process and Terms and Conditions Some good changes have been made. For

How to register homestay in Uttarakhand

The Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay) Rules 3 and 5 (2015) described multi-step application, appraisal, and approval process for registering a homestay. Both the rules were amended in 2016. The Rule 3 (2015) became Rule 4 (2016). The Rule 3 (2015) did not have any sub rules. The Rule 4 (2016), however, has four sub rules that also cover appraisal and approval steps mentioned in the Rule 5 (2015). Let’s

Glossary for Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay) Rules

The Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay) Rule 2 (2015) that elaborates on different classes of homestays in Uttarakhand has become Rule 3 (2016). The Rule 2 (2016) defines various terms used in the rules. Here are meanings of seven words used in these rules:  

Old and new registration fee for 3 types of homestays in Uttarakhand

All homes are not same because living standards are not uniform anywhere in the world. Uttarakhand is not an exception either. To cash in on these differences, Uttarakhand divides homestays in different classes. The homeowners affording high living standards may choose the matching class for the registration and enjoy competitive advantage. The rules 2 and 4 from the Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay) Rules 2015 deal with these classes and

Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay) Rule 1 (2015)

The Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay) Rule 1 (2015) contains title and information about extent, commencement, and application appraisal authority.   The rules are called Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay) Rules 2015. (Rule 1a) The rules cover the entire State of Uttarakhand. (Rule 1b) The Uttarakhand homestay rules come into force with immediate effect. (Rule 1c) The rules do not apply to other types of accommodations, including (Rule 1d) guest

6 Reasons to create Uttarakhand homestay rules

Uttarakhand revised and updated the existing homestay scheme that was managed under Integrated Livelihood Support Project (ILSP) by the Rural Development Department. A new set of homestay guidelines have been formed by the Department of Tourism, Uttarakhand. All new homestays shall be set up and registered as per the new guidelines. Moreover, the existing units shall update according to the new rules. The new guidelines, Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay)

Camping Cooperatives: Stay Options for Himalayas

Our September-October issue of adventure travel blog magazine looks at environment and local community friendly stay options for adventure tourists visiting the Himalayas. The magazine explores two sides of non-traditional options, including camping and homestays. When the tourist number explodes and reaches from a few to several thousands, regulatory framework becomes a necessity. In light of this fact, Indian Himalayan states have laid down rules to regulate the homestays. The