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This month I will show you Bir and Billing, the world famous paragliding sites located in Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. Why?  Because of patriotic and personal reasons and available hard and soft adventure travel options:

  • India will host its maiden Paragliding World Cup in the last week of October.
  • These lovely destinations are still clean and uncrowded. And I like unfrequented mountain spots which are not visually polluted.
  • 3 short walks start from Bir: Ahju Fort, Billing, and Sherabling (Bhattu)

The photo stories are good starting points to familiarize yourself with the place and the terrain. As I said, the sites are relatively uncrowded and unfrequented. These two qualities directly impact the number and standard of travel tourism facilities. For example, the sites have limited choices for sleeping and eating. During season, advance booking is a must.

TO ABHA Magazine | Volume 1, Issue 1 | October 2015

If you want to do paragliding, you must read the safety section for basic minimum standards, the state rules about aero sports, and activity-specific injuries. All this will help you in minimizing the problems and maximizing the fun which is the principal purpose of all holidays.



Update: October 27, 2015

Paragliding Bites

  • Himachal Pradesh is the first Indian state to host Paragliding World Cup.
  • Thirty-one (31) countries are participating in the Paragliding World Cup 2015.


  1. South Africa


  1. India
  2. Iran
  3. Israel
  4. Japan
  5. Nepal
  6. Russia
  7. South Korea


  1. New Zealand



  1. Austria
  2. Czech Republic
  3. Denmark
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. Iceland
  7. Italy
  8. Luxembourg
  9. Macedonia
  10. Norway
  11. Poland
  12. Slovenia
  13. Spain
  14. Switzerland
  15. The Netherlands
  16. Ukraine
  17. United Kingdom

North America

  1. Mexico
  2. United States of America

South America

  1. Brazil
  2. Colombia
  3. Venezuela


  • Except Antarctica, all continents have a representative in the adventure competition.

Paragliding World Cup 2015: Number (& %) of Participating Countries Per Continent

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