4th Day of Nanda Raj Jat 2014: 4 Parasols Meet along Nauti-Kanswa Trail

August 20, 2014 Wednesday

The dynamic sky favored pilgrims for the fourth consecutive day. It did not dare to drench pilgrims who were already drenched in a mix of emotions originating from the departure of a dear daughter.

On Wednesday, devotees gathered again in Nauti for a glimpse of dhayani (Nanda Devi), the out-married daughter, or for joining her journey to her man’s house. Around 11:00 am, the journey began for Kanswa.

The short trail of just ten kilometers, which can be easily measured in 3-4 hours depending on individual speed, appeared long. The pilgrims reached Kanswa around 7:00 pm walking through various villages from where parasol carriers and devotees joined her entourage.

Browse the photo story to experience highlights of the 4th day of Nanda Raj Jat 2014.


Photo story showcases highlights of the 4th day of Nanda Raj Jat.
The trek begins from Nauti for Kanswa.


A virtual tour of the 4th day of Nanda Raj Jat
Woman devotees await the procession at Rameshwar Temple (Nauti) to have a glimpse of the ram that would never return.


Photos from the 4th day of Nanda Raj Jat.
The members of the Nauti priest community, a medium to communicate with Nanda Devi, bless the devotees at Rameshwar Temple complex.


Highlights of the 4th day of Nanda Raj Jat in pictures
Devotees join the procession from different shepherd tracks in Nauti.


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