9th Day of Nanda Raj Jat: Kulsari to Chepadu

A Dull Day with a Few Highlights

August 25, 2014 Monday

Before leaving Kulsari, I chased dragonflies in the flat broad fields full of life that will energize many lives in future. But it was a dull day because of strong sun and the tedious trail that never left the tar road.

About two kilometers before Chepadu, my porter and I met a young girl Nikita who exemplified a mismatch between age and appearance. She was among the few persons who did not consider me as a foreigner. And I liked that. According to her I was an Uttarakhandi who looked like a police woman. But I am neither Uttarakhandi nor police personnel. I still liked her guess. Because she at least considered me as an Indian.

My porter tried to strike a conversation with her. He asked what she would like to be. She quickly responded that destiny would decide. He asked her what her destiny whispered. She said that god wrote her destiny and He only should know. The sixth child of the family, she was cheerful. She was a knowledgeable lad who wanted to know if my camera delivered instant photo prints. Her white pearls effortlessly peeped through her dark lips and the eyes radiated exuberance until I said no.

We camped in a small complex housing the Brigadier Memorial along the dusty road. One side of the complex faced the Pindar River and the other stared at tall mountain slopes across the road. We enjoyed a bath like many other pilgrims in the sandy river and washed clothes. The sandy water was refreshing because the cold water shielded us against merciless mercury.

Here is  a mini image portfolio from the 9th day of Nanda Raj Jat 2014:


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