GMVN Karnprayag: A Reasonably Good Budget Hotel in Himalayas

I spent four nights in the eco room (No 102) of the hotel run by Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN) in Karnprayag from September 4, 2014. It was truly a budget accommodation costing INR 440 per person, per day. However, rooms required more maintenance and cleaning.

The Washroom

Bottom rows of tiles in the bright spacious washroom were dirty. However, the washroom was equipped with all basics: a bucket, cold and hot water mixer, geyser, mug, sink, shower, soap holder, and towel rod.

The western commode with operational flush was clean but not spotless.

The washroom in eco room, GMVN Karnprayag
The washroom


Dirty bottom row of tiles in the washroom of GMVN Karnprayag
The bottom row of tiles in the washroom is dirty.


The commode in the eco room of GMVN Karnprayag needs more cleaning.
The commode in the eco room needs more cleaning.

The Living cum sleep area

Wide windows with mesh and wooden doors cut out in the wall facing the room door ensured cross ventilation and protection against mosquitoes. The white bulb and tube light spread cheer in the airy room. But the mesh was dirty.

The mini television was of the poorest quality. The shaky screen prevented me even from watching the news. The channel choices were extremely limited.

The door less shelves in one of the walls were enough for storing the stuff. The shelves faced the dressing mirror installed on the opposite wall above the bedside table holding intercom. The moody intercom sometimes allowed to communicate with the hotel staff and sometimes did not.

Clean white bedsheets for double bed had a few stubborn stains. A pair of easy chairs with armrest accompanied the rectangular table.

Fully functional sockets allowed simultaneous charging of more than one gadget.

Living cum sleep area in the eco room, GMVN Karnprayag
Living cum sleep area
Sleep area in the eco room, GMVN Karnprayag
Sleep area



I tried more than ten North Indian (mainly Punjabi) items from the menu during my four-day stay at the hotel. Each was done well and was a friend of mood and stomach. The portions were neither small nor big. The portions were just sufficient for one person. Fresh food was served promptly in the room. The food was affordable. For example, one tawa chapatti cost INR 6. One serving of bagain bharata (mashed aubergine / brinjal with seasoning of tomatoes, onions, green chilies, and spices) and rajma dal were priced at INR 70 each.

Although the menu of in-house Karn Shila Restaurant had Garhwali section, none of the items were available during my stay. It was a disappointment because I wanted to taste the local food.


Food from Karn Shila Restaurant, Karnprayag. (L to R) Veg Raita, Tawa Chapati, and Dum Aloo
Food from Karn Shila Restaurant, Karnprayag. (L to R) Veg Raita, Tawa Chapati, and Dum Aloo


The housekeeping service was average because the staff was receptive but not prompt.

The food service was good because the dishes were cooked well and staff was flexible and prompt.


I may stay at this average to good place again because the town does not have many options to choose from.