A Note to Readers: Mojo of Nanda Raj Jat

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The issue contains detailed information and more than 600 images from the high altitude trek that combines physical, cultural, and religious experiences. So, you do not get bog down in lack of information and lack of preparedness. So, you can focus on action that is your first passion. You have to await next Nanda Raj Jat until 2026 or more because the historical data suggests that it has never taken place at the traditionally prescribed interval of twelve years between two consecutive jats. However, you can do this trek without the cultural, religious, and social toppings, aka Roopkund and Homkund trek, in a season of your choice. This glacial lake trek in non Nanda Raj Jat season will give you enough time to explore and experience lovely Himalayan landforms and solitude that go unnoticed during the jat.

Adventure Travel Blog Magazine by TO ABHA. May-June 2016. Nanda Raj jat. Homkund and Roopkund Trek.
Jacket of TO ABHA, May-June 2016. TO ABHA is an adventure travel blog magazine.

Mojo of Nanda Raj Jat endured almost two centuries, according to the historical records. And if you go by folklores, the mojo survived more than 1,000 centuries. Because the trail presents sweeping Himalayan vistas comprising of craggy snowy skyline, refreshing green grasslands, tall cedars, cypresses, pines…, dwarf junipers, delicate wildflowers, and the muscle of the Himalayan belief and faith in the age-old traditions… We have tried to capture the mojo and faith that let the devotees to complete one of the longest on-foot pilgrimages barefoot. An assortment of experiences await you this time. During this online journey you may unearth some wonders. Be prepared. It took us months to compile this issue dedicated to 22-day travel in the high Himalayas. But you can experience the whole thing on the weekend. So, do spare leisure for the adventurous infotainment.


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