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souvenir shopping, an illustration by theoff.info

How Do I Select Souvenirs during Himalayan Vacations?

No vacation travel is probably complete without some kind of souvenir shopping. What should you bring back from the Himalayan vacation? Pinpointing a single object ...
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Where can I stay to catch an early morning flight from New Delhi airport to Leh?

Le Seasons Hotel, New Delhi Airport

A Superior Room USP of this mid-end hotel lies in proximity to the airport, booking without advance, and cleanliness. Although there was nothing to gaze ...
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Sikkim Warns Travel Service Providers; Bans Tourists until April 15, 2020

Tourism & Civil Aviation Department, Government of Sikkim took a number of measures to facilitate social distancing required to control novel corona virus spread. March ...
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Unique Attractions of Himalayas

We observed that modern travelers prefer doing to seeing. This change in holiday behavior is probably attributed to three main factors: (1) the sedentary lifestyle, (2) emergence of adventure activity as a fashion statement, and / or (3) relatively easy access to wilderness that has just thrown open more active holiday options, including thrill-filled trips to the Himalayas, one of the richest destinations matching the needs of the modern travelers. Many of these adventure travelers even aspire to make and break records. We have itinerary ideas for the travelers who want to explore the road less travelled. Zest, our postcard writer, would introduce you to unique attractions of the Himalayas. 

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