Trek to Mussoorie

People from nearby towns and big cities rush to Mussoorie (Dehradun District, Uttarakhand) in both private and public vehicles on weekends and /or in holidays, creating a traffic chaos. To escape this, you can even walk up to Mussoorie and enjoy the nature and a glimpse of theDoon valley. The trek starts from Rajpur onDehradun-Rajpur Road. About three-kilometer walk from here will take you to the first destination, Jharipani that lends itself to charming views of the Shivalik. Walk for about one and a half kilometer from Jharipani village to reach the Jharipani falls (about1,500 meters) that cascade amid pine andoak forest. In the environs of the fall, you can spot Himalayan birds, including colorful khaleej pheasant. From Jharipani, a two to three kilometer walk along the metal road will end up at Barlow Ganj. In and beyond Barlow Ganj, you can spot beautiful cottages complemented with deodar andoak forest. A short amble from Barlow Ganj will take you to the famous Mall Road of Mussoorie.

As you come closer to your destination, fragrant flowers and oak trees will replace cacti and lantana bushes. You may spot Coriaria nepalensis (Mansur, MasuriBerryor Tanner’s Tree) shrub that bears red flowers and black fruits. The name of the hill station, Mussoorie, is in fact derived from the Mansur shrub.