The Off: About Best Himalayan Adventures
(TO ABHA) Magazine
Volume 2, Issue 2 | September-October 2016

2 Non-Traditional Stay Options: Camping and Homestays

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Camping Cooperatives: Stay Options for Himalayas

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The cover features a picture of a landslide in popular hill station McLeodganj, Himachal Pradesh. The landslide swallowed the ground on which a shop cum house was built. The roots of tin structure are fully exposed and the structure hanging in air can fall anytime.
Old and new registration fee for 3 types of homestays in Uttarakhand

All homes are not same because living standards are not uniform anywhere in the world. Uttarakhand is not an exception either. To cash in on these differences, Uttarakhand divides homestays in different classes. The homeowners affording high living standards may choose the matching class for the registration and enjoy competitive advantage. The rules 2 and 4 from the Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay) Rules 2015 deal with these classes and