A Virtual Tour of the Himalayas

Hiking / Trekking / Walking …

Royal Springs Golf Club in Srinagar

Dal Lake to Pari Mahal: ½ to 1 Day Acclimatization Walk in Srinagar

Have you landed in Srinagar to do a high altitude trek in the captivating Kashmir Valley? Yes! Cost Box Entry Fees Nehru Memorial Botanical Garden: ₹40 per adult Chashme Shahi: ₹20 per adult Mughal Garden Pari Mahal: ₹20 per adult First, go for an easy acclimatization walk in Srinagar because ...
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How wool is collected from sheep

Highlights of Adi Chamunda Temple Trail: Attractions and Facilities

Adi Chamunda Temple Trail  gives an opportunity to enjoy natural beauties, including delicate flowers and big birds, and closely observe summer lifestyle of shepherds, including their relationship with their flock of sheep and goat. Today’s photo essay presents highlights from the trail. The highlights are divided into four categories: Attractions, ...
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Should you walk the Gotsang Trail?

A Short Walk to Gotsang Monastery in Hemis

Hemis Monastery and its festival are very popular among the visitors. However, only a few know about the nearby walk. This short walk along the well-marked cemented path leads to Gotsang Monastery in Hemis. You can measure this path leading to a quiet pilgrimage site in Ladakh on your own ...
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Reasons to walk Anjani trail

A Short Walk to Anjani Mahadev from Solang

A shrine that does not accept physical and monetary offerings from the visitors is unusually clean, but not calm. Because the visitors come to Anjani Mahadev on foot, horses, or modern polluting Powersports 4-wheelers even during autumn when it’s partly brown and partly green. Some thrill seekers, especially snow lovers, ...
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Scenic Drives

On the 2nd day of Leh-Manali self-driving trip, the road winds through Himachal Pradesh.

Why Should You Go on Leh-Manali Self-Driving Trip?

In “Should You Do Leh-Manali Trip by Bus or on Your Bike?” I briefly talked about advantages and disadvantages of the bus and bike trips. Today I add one or two new arguments in the favor of a Leh-Manali self-driving trip. Don’t stare at women’s curves. Don’t waste your energies ...
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Photos of interesting landforms along Leh-Manali bus route

Should You Do Leh-Manali Trip by Bus or on Your Bike?

Being chauffeured has an advantage. You can focus on the neighbors of the road instead of focusing on the road. The roads snaking through the mountains of the Himalayas are challenging but they lend themselves to the beautiful views. If you drive to tame your adrenaline rush, you will miss ...
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Potholes and scree create problems for drivers using Leh-Manali highway.

8 Challenges Await You on Leh-Manali Highway

Before you board the bus or take your bike for Leh-Manali journey, check these pictures to know the problems that you may face while driving on Leh-Manali journey. July 18, 2014. A bus tries to cross the road section covered with boulders after a landslide. July 18, 2014. Laborers clean ...
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Sarchu camps, Himachal Pradesh

7 Pit Stops along HPTDC Leh-Manali Bus Route

Pit stops along the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC) Leh-Manali bus route offer only basic facilities. These facilities are not of high standards but you will never go hungry and thirsty. The short menus of the eateries at the stops are a mix of selected Continental, Punjabi, and Tibetan ...
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Fairs, Festivals, Shows…

16 Dakinis Perform Gilded Mask Dance during Hemis Festival

Photo: July 7, 2014. Hemis Festival, Ladakh. A group of sixteen dakinis performs the gilded mask dance around a religious pole. Sixteen dancers wearing copper / papier-mâché masks slowly move their bodies to match the traditional music tunes from Tibet. The dancers perform religious rituals to defeat evil spirits, to ...
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Black Hat Dance, Hemis Festival

Hemis Monastery Portrays Our World in Black Hat Dance

Photo: July 7, 2014. Hemis Monastery, Ladakh, India. A Black Hat dancer Nowadays, thirteen Janaka dancers perform Black Hat dance around religious objects in the Hemis Monastery during annual festival. However, in the olden times, it was a one-dancer performance. The dance, also known as tsamchot dance, commemorates Buddhism’s triumph ...
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What to shop at Chandigarh National Crafts' Fair

Grass and Jute Souvenirs from Chandigarh National Crafts’ Fair

Chandigarh hosts the National Crafts' Fair every year. The event showcases crafts from across the country. Many of these boast personality of unique traditional souvenirs. For example, figures crafted from grasses and jute. These figures exude Indianness. Each figure uses homegrown material, grasses (bamboo, cane…) and jute. Each figure is ...
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A Double Korean Orange Chrysanthemum from Chandigarh

A Not-to-Miss Attraction for Your Nov-Dec Holiday in India

Have a look at this postcard featuring an orange double Korean chrysanthemum from the annual chrysanthemum show held in Chandigarh. You should visit the show before starting your ski holiday in India to smell and enjoy these refreshing flowers ...
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Forts, Museums, Palaces…

7 Points of Interests Visible from Leh Palace in Leh, Ladakh

7 Landmarks from Leh Palace, the Vantage Point

Many travelers opine why to waste money on entry tickets of the monuments and museums. But Leh Palace is a vantage point from where you can see and make pictures of seven landmarks while you are acclimatizing in Leh. Today’s photo essay shows you these landmarks as seen from the ...
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A Key to the Past:

Basgo Castle: A Key to Past

Today’s photo story takes you to Basgo Castle located on one of dun hills of Ladakh. Click any image to start the slideshow. Basgo Castle (F) and Basgo Village (B) in Ladakh. The word Basgo is a distortion of local name of the castle, Ba mgo or Ba sgo. The local names ...
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The Prajnaparamita Prayer Texts consisting of twenty volumes written in larger font by hand.

Thiksey Museum: The Tibetan Tales

Thiksey Museum is a mini repository of Tibetan culture. Click on any image to watch the slideshow. Thiksey Museum near main gate of the Thiksey Monastery (L – R) Entrance of the museum. The Tsongkhapa. Small damru (a handheld drum) (Top-Bottom) The crown worn in Peace Empowerment ceremony. A trumpet ...
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An incident from the life of Milarepa, a popular Tibetan saint

Milarepa and the hunter

Milarepa is a Tibetan saint from the eleventh century. The multi-talented saint is known for well-written poetry, enlightenment, and asceticism. He attained spiritual bliss with the help of his teacher: Marpa the Translator. Milarepa spent his life in caves and survived on nettles. No one disturbed the saint ever. However, ...
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