About 500 Casualties in 5 Major Plane Crashes

About 500 Casualties in 5 Major Plane Crashes

Ethiopian Airlines plane, carrying 90 people from Rafik Hariri International Airport, Beirut, Lebanon to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, crashed into the Mediterranean after taking off.  One of the media reports said that pilot was responsible for the crash in which all 90 people died.

The Polish Air Force plane hit trees while approachingSmolensk Airport,Russiain thick cover of fog as the pilots ignored advice to redirect the plane to a different airport. All 97 people aboard, including the Polish President and other VIPs, were killed.

Afriqiyah Airways plane crashed while approachingTripoli airport,Libya and all people aboard (104) except a Dutch boy were killed. It flew fromJohannesburg,South Africa. No technical faults were found during preliminary investigations.

Pamir Airways plane, carrying 44 people, took off from Kunduz forKabul,Afghanistan and crashed at4,100 meter in Shakardara district. Neither search and rescue team found any survivors nor investigators dwelt on causes of the crash.

Air India Express plane overshot the runway atBajpeAirport,Manglore,India, went into ravine, killing 158 people.

In the first five months of 2010, five major aviation accidents occurred, killing about 492 people from different countries. Over 300 people perished in 3 major crashes that took place in May 2010. Preliminary investigations confirmed that terrorists did not play any role in these crashes and three accidents happened due to human errors but investigations are not yet complete. There is a need for fair and quick investigation to identify the causes and chalk out effective strategies to avoid accidents in future.

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