Adventure Activities Regulations mandate safety audit, registration

From November 1, 2011, the Health and Safety in Employment (Adventure Activities) Regulations 2011 came into effect inNew Zealand. The new regulations cover commercial adventure tourism for consistency in the industry and enhancing reputation of the destination. The Regulation 4 defines an adventure activity as “an activity



  1. that is provided to a participant in return for payment; and
  2. that is land-based or water-based; and
  3. that involves the participant being guided, taught how, or assisted to participate in the activity; and
  4. the main purpose of which is the recreational or educational experience of the participant; and
  5. that is designed to deliberately expose the participant to a risk of serious harm that must be managed by the provider of the activity; and
  6. in which
    • failure of the provider’s management systems (such as failure of operational procedures or failure to provide reliable equipment) is likely to result in serious harm to the participant; or
    • the participant is deliberately exposed to dangerous terrain or dangerous waters”

As per the regulations, adventure activity operators have to comply with the following:

Within six months (November-April 2012), commercial adventure tourism operators have to inform to the Department of Labor about their business. They can notify the department via fax, post or an online form.

Within three years (November 2011-14), the operators have to undergo a safety audit. After receiving a safety audit certificate, adventure activity operators should register their business. Get more information about Adventure Activities Regulations at


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