Adventure tourism in 11th five-year plan

Report of the Steering Committee on Tourism for the Eleventh Five-Year Plan (2007-2012). Government of India, Planning Commission. 2006.

This report reviewed tourism status during 10th five-year plan and suggested strategies for developing tourism in the next five-year plan. Highlights of the adventure tourism segment include:

  1. The Himalaya is the principal adventure tourism asset ofIndia.
  2. Various adventure activities have already been promoted in the mountain range to encourage adventure tourism.
  3. The Emphasis is on certification of adventure travel companies and implementation of safety standards and other regulations.
  4. The 11th plan suggests aggressive adventure tourism promotion.
  5. The need of the hour is drafting a national adventure tourism policy. The policy will help in creating coordination between the Himalayan states and Center, and enforcing common ecological and safety rules for the entire range. Currently, different states follow different rules. Refer to the page 30 to read full adventure tourism strategy.


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