Adventure tourism in Karakorum


Zakaria, Vaqar. (December 2009), Central Karakoram Conservation Complex Draft Management Plan, Sub Plan: Tourism Development Plan. Hindu Kush-Karakoram-Himalaya Mountain Complex (HKKH) Partnership for ecosystem management. IUCN.

This document outlines a tourism management plan for the Central Karakorum Conservation Complex (C.K.C.C.) consisting of Central Karakorum National Park (C.K.N.P.) and its buffer zone. The C.K.N.P. comprises Protection, Tourism and Controlled Use zones. The Tourism Zone, dotted with glaciers, has many trekking routes. The plan proposes camping, mountaineering, trekking and wildlife watching in the Tourism Zone.  One of the main objectives of the plan is to develop the complex as a perfect adventure, cultural and eco tourism destination.

The document reviews tourism resources briefly and existing tourism market. During 1987-2006, the number of mountaineers and trekkers in the C.K.N.P. grew by 3.8% and 8.8% respectively. Given the available resources, growth is nominal. Security issues and local and regional conflicts are attributed to the low number of adventure tourists. Moreover, tourism is mainly concentrated in the Biafo and Baltoro glacier regions.

In 2005-06, mountaineering expeditions’ average yearly expenses were estimated as USD 1.7 millions, excluding international travel. However, the federal government collected USD 0.32 million towards climbing peak royalty. Get more information about tourism action plan.

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