Bhutan, Nepal, and US Revise Tourism Fees


 Tourism Service Fee in Nepal, Minimum Daily Tariff in Bhutan, Skiing Fee in USA


Last week, adventure travel in the Himalayan nation Nepal and skiing in the US became costlier. Bhutan however reduced the minimum daily tariff for Thai tourists to optimize the utilization of the tourism assets. 

Increased TSF Would Generate NPR 800 Million for Nepal Tourism Promotion 

Nepal Tourism Board (N.T.B.) increased tourism service fee (T.S.F.) by 100% to NPR 1,000 per foreign traveler exclusive of VAT from NPR 500 after nine long years for four reasons that affected the international tourism promotion plan of the country: 

  1. Nepali currency was devaluated due to strong American dollar.
  2. Strong effect of the price rise on the international market
  3. The competition among international tourism destinations increased tremendously.
  4. Paradigmatic changes in international tourism marketing and promotion methods

The hike would be applicable from 1 March, 2014. The board would collect NPR 800,000,000 from 800,000 foreign visitors departing from the airport every year. 

The fee is currently collected from foreign travelers leaving the country from Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). In future, T.S.F. may be collected at other airports within the country as well. The board has been collecting fee since 1999 when the fee was known as tourism service charge (2%). In January 2005, the amount of fee and the collection point were changed to NPR 500 and the international airport respectively. 

The fee revenue would be used for

(1) Tourism development within the country,

(2) International tourism campaigns, and

(3) Executing five-year tourism plan to venture into new markets. 

Discounted Daily Tariff Would Make Bhutan All Season Destination 

Bhutan reduced the minimum daily tariff to US$ 65 per tourist from US$ 200 during lean season (June-August). The discounts are however available for the tourists from Thailand only. This is the first step to become an all season destination, as the peak season lasts just for five months. Another reason for the discounts is to celebrate silver jubilee of diplomatic relationship between Bhutan and Thailand. The Thai tourists are also eligible for 50% discount on Drukair flight tickets. 

US Ski Resorts Would Earn Extra Revenue and Increase the Slope Security 

In the U.S.A., ski resort community mooted a fee to be levied on alpine-touring skiers and snow-shoers that use the ski slopes groomed by commercial ski resorts without spending on a ski lift ticket.


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