Canadians Prefer America, Europe for International Holidays


Canadians Prefer America, Europe for International Holidays

rp_DestinationShareCanadians0608.pngAccording to Statistics Canada, Tourism and the Centre for Education Statistics (, 50% of top ten international travel destinations visited by the Canadians during 2006-2008 are located in Europe, 40% in North and South Americas and 10% inAsia. Between 2004 and 2005, share of the European destinations was 60% and that of Asia was zero. However, the United States of America topped the list for entire period (2004-2008), Dominican Republic retained its 6th position and China displaced Spain from the list in 2006. The United Kingdom was the 2nd favorite destination between 2004 and 2005 whereas Mexico replaced it during the remaining three years. France and Cuba were ranked 4th and 5th respectively for the entire period except 2008 when their ranks were reversed.

DestinationShareCanadiansSpending per visit in China amounted to C$1808.00 in 2008, followed by Italy(C$1349.11), France(C$ 1306.65), and the United Kingdom(C$1206.49). The spending in theUnited States of America was the least at C$ 683.27.

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