Combine Charity, Retirement, Video Games with Adventure Trip

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In March 2014, the adventure travel tourism segment noticed enthusiasm for active charity and retirement trips. Moreover, a video shooting game developer and publisher planned to set a new game in the lofty Himalayas. Let’s check the outcome of these new developments.

Adventure Travel and Charity 

Charity event organizers are cashing in on adventure tourism trend. They are combining the two difficult tasks: charity and adventure. For example, the United Kingdom-based Action for Charity & Dreams Challenges ( would organize Britain V Cancer Hike the Himalayas Challenge from April 24, 2014. The six-day hike starts from Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh, India and ends at Laka Got, a high altitude meadow at 3,550 meters / 11,715 feet. The team hikers would raise funds for the hospice or cancer charity.


Adventure Game to be Set in the Himalayas 

Eurogamer and Ubisoft planned to set Far Cry 4, a video shooting game of adventure genre, in the snow-capped Himalayas unlike the older versions focusing on sandy tropical places. The game, to be released in 2015, would feature an elephant riding element. Armchair travelers therefore would get a peep into the mountain range that is not a frequented destination. This would create awareness. This game may thus add a punch to the “777 Days of the Incredible Indian Himalayas” campaign launched in September 2013.


Active Vacations after Retirement 

According to “A fitter generation climbs and pedals into adventurous retirement,” an article published at, vacation plans of the retired Americans are different than that of the retirees from the previous generation. For example, the retirees from the baby-boomer generation are opting for meaningful vacations, trekking in the Himalayas, trips giving an opportunity to observe a community closely, etc. Considering this change in taste of customer groups, travel entrepreneurs are developing new travel products and services aimed at old people.



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