Green Ratings for Himachal Pradesh Hotels

Green Ratings for Himachal Pradesh Hotels

Most of us rush to hill stations during holidays, particularly in summers, for three reasons: to enjoy salubrious climate and serene landscape free of visual and other types of pollutions and to avail ourselves of the opportunity to sync with natural rhythm of life. However, popularity of a hill station robs it of all three essential qualities over-a-period of time and thereby need for intelligent destination planning arises.

The travel and tourism industry is waking up to this bitter truth. One of the recent examples is the initiative of Himachal Pradesh (India) government to rate the hotels using a set of authentic green parameters. The state tourism department is already working on the parameters for evolving a green rating system for the hotels. While rating the hotels, a number of parameters such as menu based on organic vegetables, use of solar energy and / or other renewable energy sources, rain harvesting, means for recycling biodegradable waste and eco-friendly sewage system will be considered.

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