Emergence of eco-adventure traveler wanting excitement and comfort


Case Study Brazil. (2010). Xola Consulting Services. 

Xola conducted a case study to develop marketing strategies to sell adventure and nature- based Brazilian tourism products to the North American market. The biggest challenge was to define the best possible way to present a broad spectrum of physical and cultural landscape to the adventure travelers.

Xola conducted the research focusing on the adventure travelers from the U.S.A. in 2010 for EMBRATUR, the Brazilian agency promoting tourism.  The key findings of the study follow:

  • Americans in early 40s prefer adventure travel.
  • Americans who want “authentic experiences” go for adventure.
  • An eco-adventure traveler seeks “authentic experience” that ensures safety and excitement.
  • The eco-adventure traveler emphasizes on “an exciting and comfortable life” instead of salvation.
  • The number of American adventure seekers to Brazil fell in the last year. Read the full case study at http://www.xolaconsulting.com/case-study-brazil.php.

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