Nepal reduces Everest royalty for mountaineers traveling alone

The Government of Nepal approved the Mountaineering Expedition Regulation- 2059 (2002 A.D.) to replace the 1979 Regulation, which was amended in 1984 and 1985. Highlights of the 2002 regulation follow:

  • Minimum age for climbers is 16 years.
  • Royalty for a 1-climber Everest expedition from Southeast ridge route reduced from US $70,000 to US $25,000 to attract more mountaineers.
  • You do not need a recommendation letter from your country’s alpine club for climbing inNepal.
  • Mountaineering is season independent activity. Earlier, mountaineering permits were valid for spring, autumn or winter seasons.
  • The garbage management deposit varies from $500 to 4,000 for mountaineering expeditions.

If you know Nepali, read the new mountaineering regulation at

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