Hiking, the most popular adventure

Maher, Brian. (2010). Tourism Adventure and Activity Forum: Get out there! – Performance update and key trends. Failte Ireland. http://www.failteireland.ie/FailteCorp/media/FailteIreland/documents/Business%20Supports/Tourism%20Sector%20Development/Activities/Adventure%20Forum%202010/Tourism_Activity_Adventure_Facts_Trends.pdf

This presentation discusses types of adventures and the latest trends in the global adventure tourism and Irish activity tourism markets.

The document divides adventure in three categories: Extreme, Family and Soft. Extreme adventure includes bike racing, hot air ballooning, rappelling and skydiving. Family adventure means cultural, educational and nature based activities. Eco tours, short trekking, snow boarding and yoga are example of soft adventure that is preferred by women travelers.

The Irish activity tourism market was valued at €1.1 billion in 2009. The visitors engaged in activity tourism spend more than the other visitors do. Domestic tourists accounted for 64% of the activity tourism market. Hiking / walking is the most popular activity. The overseas visitors preferred cross-country and hill walks, and walking on pathways and roads without hiring a guide.

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