Hiking: the most preferred adventure activity

(February 2008). Outgoing tourism market research (statistics, needs, other useful information) Part II. “B S C” LLC, Armenia. 

(August 2007). Geographic and Activity-based Market Research for Armenia Tourism: Volume 2. Nathan Associates, Inc.

This report reviewed activity-based market for adventure travel. The author highlighted the following facts about the hiking segment:

  • Popularity of hiking is rising.
  • A little information is available on the global hiking market.
  • The most popular activity among Americans is daylong hiking trips. In 2005-2006, more than 17% travelers preferred same-day hiking tours.
  • Average age of theU.S.hiker is 43 years.
  • Approximately 23% Canadian travelers enjoyed hiking tours during 2005-2006.
  • Average age of the Canadian hiker is 39 years.
  • Internet is a popular source of hiking information.

Read the full report (http://www.bsc.am/caps/Geo&Activity_based_market_research_Eng_Vol2.pdf) to know about other adventure activities.


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