Is Porterage Rate Hike for Delhi Railway Stations Justifiable?


Northern Indian Railways hiked porterage charges from June 1, 2010. The new rates will make porter services pricier at Delhi railway stations. At Group I stations, porterage is increased to INR 40/- for up to 40 kg from INR 25/-. For the same weight, passengers at Group II stations have to shell out INR 25/- instead of INR 14/-. These rates are applicable for 20-minute service. After that, passengers have to pay waiting charge at the rate of INR 40/- per 30 minutes instead of INR 25/- at Group I stations whereas INR 25/- per 30 minutes instead of INR 14/- at Group II stations. (Data Source:http:/

At this rate, hourly earning of a porter amounts to INR 120/-. How many regular skilled employees get this handsome hourly salary?  For instance, a web content writer gets just USD 1.00 (INR 45-46/-) for a 500-word article that requires at least three hours if topic is simple. A writer, a skilled worker, thus, earns just INR 15/- per hour.  Is it fair?

New Delhi railway station has 16 platforms. Moving between these platforms will take different amount of time. For instance, walking from platform 1 to platform 2 will hardly take 2-3 minutes whereas walking from platform 1 to platform 10 will take at least 10 minutes or more depending on crowd. So, is INR 40/- for even five minutes job justifiable?

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