Latest Developments in Adventure Tourism Education

Professionalism in adventure tourism: new adventure tourism courses

I covered new rules and regulations governing adventure tourism, an aspect of professionalism, on February 24. In this post, I review another aspect of the professional approach to the tourism taken by different destinations and companies in the last week.

ATTA Launches AdventureEDU

Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) formally launched AdventureEDU, a training program for adventure travel companies, associations, and government departments, to improve adventure tourism segment and enhance quality of the products and the services. The program supported by United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) focuses on sustainability and managed-risk. Industry experts would conduct the classes. Both online and in-person options are available. 

The curriculum consists of

  1. Adventure Definition and Concepts
  2. Adventure Travel Legal Matters
  3. Adventure Travel Operator Safety and Risk Management
  4. Adventure Travel Product Development and Marketing
  5. Operational Excellence 

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IMF Hosts Adventure Tourism Guide Course

Indian Mountaineering Foundation (I.M.F.) and West Bengal State Tourism Department unveiled seven-day Adventure Tourism Guide Course in Damanpur on March 2, 2014. The guides would learn about attractions of Jalpaiguri district, requirements of adventure tourists visiting the destination, and tips to balance environmental and tourist interests. The multi-disciplinary course would offer information about adventure activities possible in the area and local ecology, flora, fauna, and cartography.

Nepal Plans Orientation Classes for Climbers

The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoTCA), Nepal planned to organize pre-orientation program for climbers and guides wishing to scale Mount Everest. The Department of Mountaineering of the ministry would implement the new safety measure from spring 2014. The intensive program would train both climbers and guides to create a friendly atmosphere and avoid untoward situations during the expeditions.

Catlins Introduces Adventure Tourism Course

The Catlins Area School, New Zealand started a new course in adventure tourism for secondary school students. The curriculum includes communication skills, outdoor education, and finding and cooking wild foods modules.


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