More peaks in Ladakh welcome climbers, trekkers

More peaks in Ladakh welcome climbers, trekkers

The Government of India (GoI) opened over one hundred more mountain peaks in Ladakh region, which were earlier in restricted area. All the opened peaks are either located on Indo-Chinese border or on the border between Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir (POK) andIndia. The opened peaks include

  1. Lalung-I (6243m), II (6157 meters) and III (6126 meters),
  2. Kangyassay I (6401 meters),
  3. Kangyarrag (6210 meters),
  4. Hagshu-I (6515 meters),
  5. Chiling- I (6349 meters) and II (6253 meters),
  6. Shafat-I (6800 meters), -II (6302 meters), and -III (6155 meters),
  7. Photoksar (6080 meters),
  8. Techafarka (6495 meters),
  9. Lingsarmo (6955 meters),
  10. Teram Kangri-I, II and III,
  11. Ghaint I and II,
  12. Apsaras I, II and III.

For scaling these peaks, permission from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) is sufficient, but the Army-approved routes should only be followed and a liaison officer must accompany the expedition. Like earlier, permission from home and defense ministries are not required.

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