Is it okay to copy images from others’ websites without taking permission? NO!

It is a copyright violation to copy images from others’ websites without obtaining permission of the creator and the owner.

During a random Google search, I found two businesses, one is big (HolidayIQ) and another is not so big (Pir Panjal Cottage), have copied images from my website.

Both the businesses have mentioned Credits / Source:

But neither of these websites sought my permission nor gave an attribution link back to the original source of the image.

Careless copying by HolidayIQ


HolidayIQ, a holiday travel information portal, won 5th India Digital Award in Travel Website Category  in 2014(

This big business copied an image from my website and embedded it in its blog post 11 Mouth-Watering Snacks Every Indian Craves For On A Rainy Day

Interestingly, the momo and soup image used at number 3 in the above post was taken by me at Bon Appetiti Restaurant and French Bakery located in Leh (  However, the HolidayIQ blog shows the image under destination Dehradun.

Hover mouse on the image. You will also find the destination in URL

Here is the web screen shot of HolidayIQ post:

HolidayIQ copies an image from the website of TO ABHA without permission.


Pir Panjal Cottage


This business operates homestay at Chidiyari village located within easy walking distance of Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

Pir Panjal Cottage and Pir Panjal Penthouse are also listed on Airbnb and


The website copied Sketch of Pir Panjal Range from my web page

The copied image is used at


Here is the web screen shot of Pir Panjal Cottage post:

Pir Panjal Cottage copies an image from the website of TO ABHA without permission.

Pir Panjal Cottage copies an image from the website of TO ABHA without permission.


What will you do if it happens to you?


  1. Absolutely no!
    The thing is most of the time we are unaware of this copying. Even if we come to know, it’s difficult to catch them by collar.

    I have been watermarking my images but they even cut that portion before publishing.

    • Hello Nisha,

      Thanks for your support!

      I used Google search engine to find the copycats.

      How did you come to know that people were copying images from your website?

      I would like to know more methods to find the copycats.

      Is there any software or a comprehensive method to find the copycats?


    • Hello Nisha,

      I found a way to identify copied images. Here is the article that gives clear instructions to find which websites are stealing pictures from your website.

      I have tried this method. It is bit time consuming but it works.

      I also searched methods to bring the culprit to book. You can file a complaint against the websites stealing content from your website under Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) using Google webmaster tools ( If your claim is legitimate, Google may ban the website that stole the content.

      I have not tried this complaint method yet. So I do not know the complete process.

      I hope this will help in preventing misuse of copyrighted content.

  2. You can ask them to either give you its credit or you may get it removed by mailing them because you have full rights to do so.

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