Reasons to undertake a mountaineering adventure

Pomfret, Gill. (2004). Mountaineering adventure tourists: a conceptual framework for research. Tourism Management, Volume 27, Issue 1. 

Although mountaineering has become popular as an adventure tourism activity, research focusing on the participants’ perceptions is very limited. Principal objective of this paper was to explore this aspect of the activity. The author evaluated existing works on adventure recreation, tourism, mountaineering and mountaineers to understand the theory.

The paper highlighted a number of reasons for undertaking a mountaineering adventure. For instance, risk, mastery, natural mountain environment, mountain conditions, sensation seeking and lifestyle shape the individual perception about the adventure. Varied emotions experienced during the adventure also influence the perception. The author acknowledged that recreation and tourism converge in the adventurous environment and factors related to the mountaineering adventure are interdependent. To know more, you have to buy the paper Mountaineering Adventure Tourists.

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