Seven White Label Travel Guide Publishers

White Label Travel Guide Publishers

Innovative internet technologies have changed the way travel information is collated and consumed because the technologies have brought down the cost and time of collecting and publishing the information dramatically. Easy and cheap access to the Web led to a new world of free user generated content (UGC)-based travel guides (TGs), triggering competition between modern soft and traditional hard bound guides and creating new entrepreneurial opportunities. In view of the change, IT technology experts have developed different online travel guide platforms. A white label online custom travel guide uses one of these platforms to simplify the process of producing a destination guide of the choice. 

A white label product or service means a product / service manufactured or offered by one company and packed, marketed, and sold by another company under different brands. Therefore, the manufacturers and producers can solely focus on production. The marketer can focus on branding, marketing, promotion, and selling. However, interestingly, the final branded product seems to be produced by the marketer. For example, you buy store-brand products from your local grocery stores quite often and receive free travel guides from your travel agent and / or tourism information office. Both are white label products. Today we will brief you about seven young white label travel guide companies located in different parts of the world.

1. Concept Guides

Greece based Concept Guides, a brainchild of Concept Maniax, designs white label travel portals and  travel guide apps with intuitive user interfaces. The white label mobile solution caters to tourist boards, destination marketing organizations (DMOs), travel agencies, tour operators, travel publishers, etc.

2. Guiomatic

The Spanish Guiomatic Travel Technologies, set up in 2008, offers white label custom travel guides for more than 10,000 destinations in eBook and PDF formats. Even printed versions are available. Economical than traditional guidebooks, the new customized guides also offer real time event information. The guides can be generated in six languages. The company sources the guide content from the leading travel websites. 

The tourism business owners can easily brand the guides under their company brands and personalize according to the company-specific requirements. For example, they can produce personalized destination guides with user’s name, selected destinations, and travel dates. Guiomatic has a demo site that allows free download of some guides in exchange of email address.

3. mTrip

mTrip, set up in Canada in 2009, develops white label travel solutions. The company launched a new mobile-based white label solution for travel agencies and tour operators in April 2014. The 100% offline app for Android and iPhone delivers comprehensive trip information and a complete destination guide for all stops covered in the trip. The maps are also available offline for navigation. This new solution creates a feeling in the mind of the travelers that their tour operator is with them to help.

4. StreamThru

Mantic Point Solutions Ltd sells StreamThru, a white label mobile travel assistant developed in the United Kingdom in 2007. The assistant delivers the latest contextual travel information through SMS and native mobile apps. Thus, the travel companies can update easily their customers in a timely manner and deliver personalized travel information matching the itinerary of the customers. Travel agents in fact can have “dialogue” with customer who is on the move.

5. The HUNT Guides

The US-based business started as the Eat Shop Guides in 2003 changed its name to Rather Guides in 2011. After one year, the guides were renamed as The HUNT because the company wanted to expand. The company offers white label custom travel guides for corporate branding. These guides feature bespoke contents and corporate logos. The HUNT is currently a part of the Gatehouse Publishing.

6. Tourism Radio

The South African Tourism Radio, founded in 2005, produces white label location-based audio travel guides for DMOs. The offline guides are available for both Android and iPhones. Customized and branded guides based on “patented geo-location audio guide technology” are designed to meet company-specific goals. Headquartered in South Africa, the company also operates from Spain and New Zealand. 

7. Tripwolf GmbH

The Austrian company Tripwolf designs customized white label travel app compatible with Android and iPhone. The app features travel guides based on editorial content of Tripwolf or the clients’ content. The app is available in five languages.





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