Top Indian attractions preferred by differently-abled tourists



2010. A Report On Problems and Prospects of Accessible Tourism in India. Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India. 

This report reviews problems and possibilities in the Indian accessible tourism segment. This unexplored travel segment has huge potential. The study documents some of the main characteristics of the differently-abled travelers and tourists, such as purchasing power, travel behaviour and travel-specific constraints. The report ranks the Indian tourism attractions preferred by the differently-abled tourists on a 1-12 scale. Adventure tourism places are rated as twelfth  (12th) most preferred Indian attraction by domestic tourists and tenth (10th) by foreign tourists. More than 80% of the differently-abled foreign tourists who participated in adventure activities had locomotor disability, whereas over 54% of differently-abled domestic tourists who enjoyed adventure activities had locomotor disability. You can read the report online or download it.

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