Trekking segment in Uttarakhand


(October 2003). Master plan for development of trekking routes in Uttaranchal. Pannell Kerr Forster Consultants Pvt Ltd (PKF), New Delhi.

This master plan focuses on development of sustainable trekking tourism segment within Uttaranchal. The study identified 27 popular treks including seven (7) pilgrimage treks in the state. On reviewing status of the segment, the study found out that the state offers diverse treks and some of the best treks in the world, but there is no standard trekking grading system.

The authors highlighted five elements of the trekking product for planning.

  1. Trekking route,
  2. Access and transportation,
  3. Support services,
  4. Promotion and
  5. Information

The plan created a trekking route inventory, proposed a marketing strategy and graded treks. The plan suggested larger role for the locals in the trekking segment for the regional development. Moreover, there is need for educating villagers about demands of eco-tourists and economical benefits of joining the segment. Full plan is available at


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