What is Turning Point in Tourism?

What is Turning Point in Tourism?

Turning Point in Tourism is an industry event to revive an interaction between Nepali and foreign tour operators after the 2015 earthquake. SAMARTH Nepal Market Development Program (NMDP) hosted the event in Kathmandu in the first week of July 2015.  A few American, Asian, Australian, and European tour operators participated in the event. The operators voiced their concern about the following:

  • Harmful impact of travel warnings on travel business, including need for high liability travel insurance
  • Lack of clarity about destinations that are safe even after the earthquake

They suggested measures to rebuild the confidence in Nepal

  • Develop infrastructure.
  • Improve tourism service standards and professionalism.
  • Promote cultural attractions, including festivals.
  • Simplify expedition / trek permit process.

The 2015 earthquake reminded of two major challenges of Nepal tourism sector: safety and quality. These will continue to affect the recovery of the industry in recent future. However, low-end trekking segment may recover faster than the high-end.  (Pankaj Pradhananga, Karma Gurung, and Sangam Prasain, 2015)

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