3 main components of mountaineering fee

rp_MountaineeringFeeComponents.pngA foreign mountaineering team planning to climb in the Indian Himalaya shall budget for the following fees besides other expenses:

1. Handling Charge

Handling charge to be paid to the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) depends on the peak altitude. Based on altitude, peaks are divided into three (3) categories: below 6,500 meters, 6,501-7,000 meters and 7,001 meters and above.

The handling charge for “below 6,500 meters” category amounts to US$ 500.00 for a 2-member team. The team pays US$ 200.00 per additional member up to seven (7) members. If team is bigger, it pays US$ 250.00 per additional member up to twelve (12) members. 

The handling charge for “6,501-7,000 meters” category aggregates US$ 700.00 for a 2-member team. Each additional member pays US$ 300.00 if the team consists of seven (7) people. The bigger teams pay US$ 350.00 per additional member up to twelve (12) members.

The handling charge for “7,001 meters and above” category totals US$ 1,000.00 for a 2-member team. The fee for each additional member is US$400.00 in case of a seven (7)-member team. The twelve (12)-member team pays US$ 450.00 per additional member.

2. Insurance

Insurance policy covering helicopter and ground search and rescue operations, and accident risks is required for all team members, porters and headmen. If the Indian Air Force (IAF) undertakes a helicopter search and rescue operation for the team, the team will pay US$ 6,000.00 to the IAF. The insurance cover for the base camp workers, high altitude cooks, porters and mountain guides ranges from US$ 1,500-3,000 per head.

3. Porter Wages

Porters are entitled to full wages for the days when the team rests. Half of porter wages shall be paid in advance and the remaining at the end of the work. The team will bear food and clothing expenses, especially at high altitude, for porters.

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