Regulatory committee for kayaking, rafting: 2 popular adventure activities in Uttarakhand

Rules reduce the risks but not the thrill.

Do you agree with this?

Some of you.


Many of you will agree because we always look for safe adventure holidays. The number of adventure tourists in any destination is in fact inversely proportional to the number of accidents.

Thus, bringing these activity holidays under the lens of law is a good decision. For example, various safety provisions have been defined in the Uttarakhand River Rafting / Kayaking Rules 2014.

The rules 11, 12, and 13 recommend formation of two committees for safe and smooth operations of these adventure activities:

  1. Technical Committee and
  2. Regulatory Committee.

Technical committee deals with equipment, knowledge, methods, and practical skills required for kayaking and rafting.

Regulatory committee controls all kayaking and rafting operations, including ensuring that recommendations of the technical committee are followed in letter and spirit.

Members of regulatory committee


The committee headed by chairman consists of five members and a member secretary.

Additional chief executive officer (CEO) of Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board is the chairman of the committee.

Joint director (Tourism) of the board is the member secretary of the committee.

The other five members are:

  1. A representative of director general of police who at least holds the rank of deputy inspector general of police (DIG)
  2. A representative of principal chief conservator of forest who is at least currently serving as a conservator of forest
  3. Principal of Indian Tibetan Border Police’s (ITBP) Mountaineering and Skiing Institute, Auli
  4. 2 kayaking and rafting experts selected by the CEO of the board
  5. The CEO may nominate more members for the committee.

Responsibilities of the committee


  • Controls all kayaking and rafting operations within the State.
  • Enables development of basic facilities and infrastructure.
  • Conducts surprise checks of kayaking and rafting activities.
  • Suggests new regulations and rules for safety and rescue.
  • Proposes amendments in existing safety and rescue provisions.
  • Issues notifications about new kayaking and rafting runs identified by the technical committee.

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