Deadly Episodes of Terror Attacks are Not Good for Travel Trade

Deadly Episodes of Terror Attacks are Not Good for Travel Trade

Evil doers who go to any extent to achieve their political and religious ambitions and feel life is cheap have affected our psyches, compelling us to beef up security in all critical establishments, like airports. Men and women in khaki, black or olive uniforms are not difficult to find in public events and establishments. However, an unanswered question- Why most of the time criminals outsmart security personnel?- resurfaced in my mind while watching news of explosives found on Bangalore-Trivandrum flight of Kingfisher on Sunday (March 21, 2010). I think a thorough and timely introspection is required at all levels to find out why we can not protect ourselves. Do we lack patriotism? Do we need more training? Are we too self-centered? Or Do we like cheap thrill and cheap money?

In fact, security failures cripple day-to-day life and adversely impact the industry, especially travel and tourism industry because no tourist barring an adventure traveler would like to spend a holiday in an unsafe place. For instance, deadly episodes of terror attacks have almost killed the tourism industry in Jammu and Kashmir,India.

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