11 Rules for Safe Paragliding Tours

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October 2015


Indian authorities have taken some initiatives to enhance safety during air adventure holidays. For example, central government laid down basic minimum standards for paragliding and the state government defined The Himachal Pradesh Aero Sports Rules, 2004.

Now it is the turn of the participants and the operators to follow these rules to maximize the joys of the adventure.

Here are 11 rules that each participant shall also follow:

1.      Hire Operators Having Valid Licenses


2.      Remember, Adventure Holidays are not about Showing off Your Fineries (Rule 11-h)

The rule state that it is the responsibility of the guides to ensure that participants wear suitable dresses. For example, the participants shall not wear 3-piece suits, sarees, skirts, ties, turbans, and bulky clothes.

But I think it is also the responsibility of the participants to wear clothes that will not interfere with adventure activity of their choice.


3.      Flying Time (Rule 12-2)

Stop flying at 06:00 pm or one hour prior to the sunset, whichever is earlier. Remember, if weather goes bad before this time stipulation, you should stop.


4.      Flying Season (Rule 2-i)

Paragliding is not allowed during July 15 – September 15 in Himachal Pradesh.


5.      No Overloading (Rule 11-J)

Do not overload your gliders. These are not the buses. Operators shall display carrying capacity of the gliders and other crafts at the site and tell their clients as well.


6.      Each participant shall have safety equipment. The operator shall brief the participants about safety measures. (Rule 14-b and c)


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7.      Follow environment guidelines. (Rule 12-4)



8.      Children younger than 12 years of age and weighing less than 40 kilograms are not allowed to paraglide. (Rule 14-a)



9.      Alcohol and Drug Consumption (Rule 14-h)

Stop consuming alcohol and drugs at least eight (8) hours before participating in paragliding if you consume these deadly substances.


10. Pregnant Women and Sick Persons (Rule 14-d)

Pregnant women cannot participate in the activity. Adventure seekers suffering from asthma, epilepsy, heart problems, and lung diseases can also not paraglide.


11. Mishaps (Rule 13)

Remember, you cannot hold the tourism department or the state government responsible for any accidents, injuries and so on that may occur during your participation in the activity.


Following the laws of land makes life slightly easier and safer. Isn’t?


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