14 Duties of Miscellaneous Adventure Activity Operators

The Himachal Pradesh Miscellaneous Adventure Activities (Draft) Rule 14 lists the following duties for theses activity operators:

1. Report all accidents and incidents immediately to the following authorities of the area: (Rule 14-i)

  • Activity-specific Association,

  • Chairman of Technical Committee,

  • Deputy Director Tourism and Civil Aviation,

  • District administration, or

  • District Tourism Development Officer


2. Wind up operations at 18:00 (06:00 pm) or one hour before the sunset, whichever is earlier. (Rule 14-ii)


3. Provide the copies of the following documents for license and registration:

  • Equipment sale letter

  • Equipment specifications

If the operator(s) does not submit these documents, s/he may not get the registration. (Rule 14-iii)


4. Keep the environment clean. (Rule 14-iv)


5. Ensure that the participants follow the Himachal Pradesh Miscellaneous Adventure Activities (Draft) Rules. (Rule 14-v)


6. Insure the activity participants for at least INR 200,000 before starting the activities. (Rule 14-vi)


7. Maintain guest / participant / visitor register in the prescribed format. (Rule 14-vii)


8. Maintain a duly numbered log book / bill book in duplicate. The book shall be certified by the  

  • Deputy Director Tourism (DDT),

  • District Tourism Development Officer (DTDO),

  • Assistant Tourism Development Officer (ATDO), or

  • An official / officer from the district concerned and authorized by DDT/DTDO/ATDO

The book shall contain information about the participants and the equipment used for the activities.

The log book shall be updated daily. It shall contain details of service, equipment repair, equipment replacement, and so forth. The promotor may inspect the book. (Rule 14-viii)


9. Maintain a suggestion cum complaint book at the reception. (Rule 14-ix)


10. Maintain a duly numbered receipt book in duplicate for the receipts of advances / payments. (Rule 14-x)


11. Save soft copies of bills for inspection and documentation. (Rule 14-xi)


12. Ensure that all registers and bill books are certified by the prescribed authority or the representatives. (Rule 14-xii)


13. Submit an indemnity bond in Form-4 to the government. (Rule 14-xiii)

An indemnity bond is a promise of the bond writer to compensate its holder for the loss incurred due to the former’s specified actions. A bond is a legal agreement.


14. Collect a duly-signed in undertaking (Form 5) from the participants. (Rule 14-xiv)


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