15 Functions of Technical Committee Formed under Draft HPMAAR

Rule 9-i

Function 1

Inspects equipment of miscellaneous adventure activity operators (MAAOs) to ensure that the equipment meets the safety standards discussed in the rules 3 and 4.

Rule 9-i

Function 2

Approves the equipment satisfying the safety standards.

Rule 9-ii

Function 3

Appraises bio-data of (1) guides / instructors and (2) operators.

Rule 9-ii

Function 4

Conducts physical tests for the guides / instructors and the operators to confirm their suitability for participating and organizing the activities.

Rule 9-iii

Function 5

Ensures that the guides / instructors and the operators follow all the procedures described in the Himachal Pradesh Miscellaneous Adventure Activities (Draft) Rules 2016.

Rule 9-ii

Function 6

Approves licenses for both types of the candidates who meet all the prerequisites.

Rule 9-iv

Function 7

Finds new safe areas, rivers, sites, and spots for MAAs in Himachal Pradesh.

Rule 9-v

Function 8

Suggests more activities / sports to be included in the existing list of MAAs.

Rule 9-vi

Function 9

Examines and approves the artificial anchors used for river crossing and rappelling.

Rule 9-vii

Function 10

Identifies and certifies equipment and fixtures, including anchorage bolts.

Rule 9-viii

Function 11

Issues advisories, if required, for safe organization of MAAs.

Rule 9-viii

Function 12

Drafts guidelines, if required, to ensure safe hosting of MAAs.

Rule 9-ix

Function 13

Ensures that the guides / instructors and operators are fit to conduct MAAs.

Rule 9-x

Function 14

Defines carrying capacity of the area.

Rule 9-xi

Function 15

Notifies exact locations earmarked for MAAs.

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