19 Activities Not Allowed in Sikkim Wildlife Areas

The Sikkim Wildlife (Regulation of Trekking) Rule 3-1 (2005) advises trekking companies, trekking service providers, and trekkers that they should not undertake any of the following activities in the wildlife areas.

Open one panel of the prohibited activity accordion at a time to know about each activity.

Prohibited Activity Accordion

Prohibition of sale of the following things: (Rule 3-5)

  1. Drugs
  2. Liquor
  3. Other Intoxicants

Ban on Unauthorized Research / Study (Rule 3-6)

Without taking permission of the State Government, no one shall undertake research or study work in the wildlife areas.

A trek manager, trekking service provider, or trekker shall (Rule 3-3)

  • Declare non-biodegradable materials at wildlife/forest check post before and after completing a trek
  • Not dispose of non-biodegradable material in Sikkim wildlife areas

2 Responsibilities of Pack Animal Operators (Rule 3-4)

  • The operator shall provide fodder for the animals.
  • The operator shall not allow the animals to graze in the wildlife areas.

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