16+ Eligibility Criteria for Registering Home Stay Unit in Sikkim

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Sep-Oct 2016


The Sikkim Registration of Home Stay Establishment Rule 3 specifies a number of eligibility criteria for registering a home stay. I have divided these criteria in three sub heads for the convenience of the readers.

About Host

  • The home stay owner should own both the home stay unit and the land on which the unit is constructed.
  • Both a family and an individual are eligible to register a home stay unit. (Rule 3.1)
  • The home stay promoter or owner along with the family shall reside physically in the same establishment. (Rule 3.2)
  • One family member should have communication skills in Hindi or English. (Rule 3.4)

About Home Stay Unit

Each home stay unit shall satisfy the following conditions:

  • Located in rural or urban areas (Rule 3.1)
  • Well maintained (Rule 3.1)
  • Features 1 to 5 exclusive rooms for tourists. (Rule 3.1)
  • Meets basic minimum infrastructure standards. (Rule 3.1)
  • Ensures quality basic services. (Rule 3.1)
  • Built in ethnic and traditional architecture style. (Rule 3.3)
  • Preference will be given to the structures made of locally available bamboo, stone, and wood. (Rule 3.3)
  • Tourist rooms can also be in a separate premises that is located near the owner’s residence provided these are in convenient location. (Rule 3.8)
  • A well-kept footpath should connect the road head and the establishment. (Rule 3.7)

About Rooms

  • Reasonably furnished room (s) of standard size with attached toilet (Rule 3.5)
  • The room is ready for renting to the visitors. (Rule 3.5)

Type of Room
Area in Square Feet / Number of Rooms
Rule 3.5
Double Bed Room

Rule 3.5
Single Bed Room

Rule 3.5

Rule 3.6
Minimum Rooms with attached toilets for rent

Rule 3.6
Maximum Rooms with attached toilets for rent


  • If the establishment features more than five rooms for visitors, it will be called village lodge. (Rule 3.9)
  • Who will decide maximum number of rooms to be earmarked for the visitors in a community or cluster home stay area (s)? Panchayats, the local bodies, have privilege to decide the maximum number of rooms to be allocated for the visitors. (Rule 3.9)
  • The rooms or houses that are already rented out or leased cannot be registered as home stay unit in Sikkim. (Rule 3.6)


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