18 Definitions from Uttarakhand Foot Launch Aero Sport Rules 2017

The Uttarakhand Foot Launch Aero Sport Rule 3, 2017 defines the following words and phrases unless otherwise stated:

Participants / Organizers

Applicant (Rule 3.1.g)

The word applicant refers to the following entities seeking permission for commercial or non-commercial paragliding activities:

  • Company
  • Firm
  • Institute
  • Person

The activities may include:

  1. Competitions
  2. Expeditions
  3. Tours
  4. Trainings
  5. Other related  activities

Permit Holder / Operator (Rule 3.1.i)

A company, firm, and / or person who have a commercial permit for carrying out aero sports in Uttarakhand as per these rules

Instructor, Solo Pilot, Tandem Pilot (Rule 3.1.j)

A person who holds an identity card issued as per these rules for conducting safe paragliding operations

Operation (Rule 3.1.k)

An operation means organizing aero sports activities: (1) commercial paragliding and (2) paragliding training. The activities shall be in line with the rules.

Participant (Rule 3.1.l)

A person who participates in paragliding in Uttarakhand



Act (Rule 3.1.a)

The Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board Act, 2001 and amendments made to the act  

State (Rule 3.1.b)

The State of Uttarakhand

CEO (Rule 3.1.d)

Chief Executive Officer, UTDB

D.M. (Rule 3.1.e)

District magistrate of the district, where aero sports activities will take place

ACEO (Rule 3.1.f)

Additional Chief Executive Officer, UTDB

Board (Rule 3.1.c)

The Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (UTDB). The board is formed as per the Section 3 of the act mentioned in the Rule 3.1.a.

Permit Issuing Authority (Rule 3.1.h)

District magistrate (D.M.) of the district in Uttarakhand, where the aero sports activities may take place

D.T.D.O. (Rule 3.1.q)

District Tourism Development Officer is an officer who is in-charge of the district tourism department concerned or UTDB.

Technical Committee (Rule 3.1.r)

A committee formed as per the Chapter IV (Aero Sports Technical Committee) of the rules.



Paraglider (Rule 3.1.m)

The canopy used for paragliding

Tandem (Rule 3.1.n)

This paragliding activity involves two persons: a pilot and a passenger. The persons share the same paraglider.


Associations and Institutions

BHPA / USHGA (Rule 3.1.o)

BHPA: British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

USHGA: US Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association

FAI / APPI (Rule 3.1.p)

FAI: Federal Aeronautical International

APPI: Association of Paragliding Pilots & Instructors


Undefined Words and Phrases (Rule 3.2)

The words and phrases used in the rules but not defined in the Rule 3 shall inherit meanings from the act mentioned in the Rule 3.1.a.

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