18 Duties of Paragliding Permit Holders Operating in Uttarakhand

The Uttarakhand Foot Launch Aero Sports Rule 8, 2017 lists duties of the paragliding permit holders or paragliding operators. Let’s have a look at the duties:

1. Each operator shall have the following equipment before s/he is allowed to carry out paragliding activities:  (Rule 8)

  • Flying equipment shall follow the international homologated design. A homologate equipment means an officially approved equipment that meets international standards defined for a specific class of race or for sale in a specific market.
  • General Positioning System (GPS)
  • Ground support
  • Instrument panel featuring an air speed indicator, an altimeter variometer, and a compass. An altimeter variometer measures altitude and indicates rate of ascent or descent of the aircraft or paraglider.
  • Retrieval vehicle
  • Safety helmet
  • Safety parachute

2. The technical committee will inspect the equipment before permitting the operations. (Rule 8.1)

3. Each permit owner and the employees shall always comply with the rules and the provisions. (Rule 8.2)

Each operator shall do the following:

4. Inform gliding charges and changes in the charges to district tourism development officer (D.T.D.O.) or district magistrate (D.M.). The charges shall be published in booklets and brochures of the operator. (Rule 8.3)

5. Maintain a suggestion and complaint book at the camp site and the reception in the office. (Rule 8.4)

6. Collect foreign and domestic tourist statistics on monthly basis using the format defined in Annexure D. The statistics shall be submitted to the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board (U.T.D.B.) and uploaded on the website of the board. ((Rule 8.5)

7. Employ the domiciles of the State of Uttarakhand as per the directives of the Department of Industries. (Rule 8.6)

8. Submit details of all pilots employed by the operator to local police station. (Rule 8.7)

9. Ensure that the prescribed bearing capacity of the paragliding equipment is respected. The prescribed bearing capacity means the capacity defined by the equipment maker or the technical committee. (Rule 8.8)

10. Inform about VIP clients to the tourism department and local district administration. (Rule 8.9)

11. Report incidents (if any) immediately to the permit issuing authority, local police station, and local district administration. (Rule 8.10)

12. Produce the paragliding permit as and when sought by a tourist and / or government officer. (Rule 8.12)

13. Maintain daily digital log each pilot or glider. (Rule 8.13)

14. Produce paragliding equipment before the technical committee once every two years or after using it for 200 hours, whichever happens first. (Rule 8.14.a)

15. Renew pilot license after every five years (Rule 8.14.b)

16. Pilots and operators to allow ad hoc evaluation in case of an incident report is received. (Rule 8.14.b & c)

17. Ensure that each client fills and sign the indemnity form before participating in aero sports. (Rule 8.15)

18. Reserve parachute and other paragliding safety equipment is mandatory for the following two types of flights: (Rule 8.11)

  1. The solo flights that takeoff from a place higher than 400 meters above ground level (AGL)
  2. Tandem flights

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