18 Standards for Registering and Running Home Stay in Sikkim

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Sep-Oct 2016


Appropriate garbage disposal arrangement

The Sikkim Registration of Home Stay Establishment Rules, 2013 lays down standards for registering and running a home stay in Sikkim. The standards are listed in two rules, 16 and 17.


The Rule 16 defines 11 service standards for a home stay:


  1. Airy (good ventilation), clean bathrooms and guest rooms that are free of dampness and pests (Rule 16-4)
  2. Airy (good ventilation), clean, hygienic, pest and smoke free, well-kept kitchen (Rule 16-8)
  3. Appropriate garbage disposal arrangement (Rule 16-9)
  4. Arrange a vehicle immediately to transport a sick guest to the nearest doctor’s office or hospital if the guest demands or is critically ill. (Rule 16-10)
  5. Clean and well-maintained floor surfaces (Rule 16-2)
  6. Comfortable beds appointed with quality linen (Rule 16-3)
  7. Maintain overall cleanliness and hygiene. (Rule 16-1)
  8. Place sanitary bins in all toilets. (Rule 16-6)
  9. Provide at least one hand towel and bath towel to each guest. (Rule 16-5)
  10. Supply hot and running cold water round the clock. (Rule 16-7)
  11. Supply toiletries to guests. (Rule 16-5)

Minimum length of the bed = 6.5 feet

The home stay registration applicants shall comply with these standards for getting approval and registration certificate.


The Rule 17 adds up more standards for ensuring quality of the accommodation.


Well-ventilated bathrooms, guestrooms, and kitchens are a prerequisite for home stay registration in Sikkim.


  1. Adequate storage space for luggage of the guest and space for arranging clothes (Rule 17-3)
  2. Adequately thick comfortable mattress (Rule 17-1)
  3. Clean bed linen, including bed sheets, pillow cases, and towels (Rule 17-2)
  4. Clean quilts or blankets depending on season (Rule 17-1)
  5. Clean soft pillows (Rule 17-1)
  6. Minimum bed size: 6.5 feet long (Rule 17-1)
  7. Sitting arrangements, including suitable furniture for reading and writing (Rule 17-3)


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