6 Reasons to create Uttarakhand homestay rules

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Sep-Oct 2016


Uttarakhand revised and updated the existing homestay scheme that was managed under Integrated Livelihood Support Project (ILSP) by the Rural Development Department. A new set of homestay guidelines have been formed by the Department of Tourism, Uttarakhand. All new homestays shall be set up and registered as per the new guidelines. Moreover, the existing units shall update according to the new rules.

The new guidelines, Uttarakhand Atithi House Lodging (Homestay) Rules 2015, have been released under the provisions of Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board, Act, 2001 for the following reasons:

  1. In the absence of appropriate boarding and lodging for tourists, lovely remote rural destinations in the State are unable to draw tourists. To bridge this gap between demand and supply in the destinations, the State Government prepared the rules.
  2. To develop standardized accommodations that may help in drawing tourists to the scenic destinations in urban as well as remote areas.
  3. To provide clean budget accommodations in rural areas for both domestic and international tourists.
  4. To facilitate a direct interaction between local families and the tourists. The tourists, especially foreign tourists, therefore, will get a chance to experience Indian culture and traditions and taste local cuisine.
  5. To create self-employment opportunities and provide additional income sources for local landlords and house owners.
  6. To ensure active involvement of local community in tourism and thereby supplementing income from the existing livelihood sources.

Uttarakhand homestay rules will definitely help in creating more board and lodge facilities in the selected destinations. However, accommodation development may not automatically draw tourists to these destinations.

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