6 Safety Measures for Rappelling in Himachal Pradesh

The Himachal Pradesh Miscellaneous Adventure Activities (Draft) Rule 12-i prescribes the following safety measures for rappelling:

  1. A well-protected stance  (Rule 12-i-a)
  2. Enough space for free movement at the rappelling site (Rule 12-i-b)
  3. Enough space at the landing site (Rule 12-i-c)
  4. Availability of first-aid box throughout the activity (Rule 12-i-d)
  5. Sites free from boulders, loose stones, stones (Rule 12-i-e)
  6. Equipment shall meet Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) or international standards. For example, the equipment shall feature the following details: (Rule 12-i-f)
    • Make (country of origin)
    • Model name and number
    • Manufacturing Year
    • Purchase Year
    • Technical details

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